Asara Lovejoy

In the 1990’s, Asara Lovejoy founded The Threshold University of Body Mind Science, a State of Washington-approved vocational training school in alternative healing. After successfully graduating several classes of students, Asara closed the school and moved to San Diego to be near her ill mother.

At the same time, she became a special guest on Clear Channel Radio programs. She has since leveraged that successful 3-year radio career, where she spoke with millions of folks in Southern California, into her own live radio program. On her show, Living in the Quantum Field, she has featured notable guests such as, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Guy Finley, Lynne McTaggart, James Malinchak, Dr. Joe Vitale, Greg Nesbitt, and David Riklan talking about what she loves best – our untapped human potential.

As an author, Asara believes in action. She has worked tirelessly to bring the message of her book The One Command to the world. Starting with a turnkey book package to promote her self-published effort, she has since accomplished great success. The One Command has been picked up by Penguin Publishing, to launch in 2012, and has been translated into Japanese, German and Italian.

Applying the very principles she shares in her message, she has turned her business into a two million dollar enterprise. But the future didn’t always look so rosy. In The One Command programs Asara shares her easily-relatable ups and downs on her financial journey, a journey many of us have experienced. 

Asara is also a motivational speaker and a sought-after coach with committed entrepreneurs, business owners and students, as inspiring and accessible in one-on-one coaching sessions as she is in large seminar settings.

Her message is simply this: “You have a greatness right within you. By directly accessing your theta brain wave you can instantly change your mind, your emotions, your genetic programs and your DNA itself by your command. Now I call that the next great adventure of your life! Join me on the journey.”

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