Christy Morgan

Christy Morgan, also known as The Blissful Chef, is a successful vegan macrobiotic chef, whose business is changing people’s lives through healthy cooking classes, lectures, personal chef services and private instruction. With her first cookbook Blissful Bites and various online and offline articles, she is well published in the world of natural foods.

Healthful cooking wasn’t always Christy’s passion. After receiving a degree in fashion design from The University of Texas in 2003 she moved to Los Angeles to work in wardrobe for movies and television.

Soon after befriending several vegans, she was introduced to her first PETA video, Meet Your Meat, and instantly converted to a vegan lifestyle. Christy didn’t know then that teaching and cooking for others would become her true love in life and have her so easily leave the fashion and entertainment world behind. One thing she did know was that she wanted to help people and have a career that was compassionate. She moved to Austin and began training at The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts.

Intense training in culinary school redirected Christy’s creativity from fashion to food, as both a science and an art. It strengthened her knowledge of nutrition and diet, and deepened her passion for food and the world around her. After graduating, she moved back to Los Angeles to follow her new dream of helping others to find the balance and health benefits that she was now experiencing. After 4 years of cooking and teaching in Los Angeles, Christy took to the online world, where her videos and blogs allow her to share her knowledge, passion and delicious recipes with countless fans around the globe.

Christy’s mission is to help others make the connection between the mind, body and spirit, so they may live authentic, healthy, happy lives free of physical pain and mental suffering. Her fun and informative classes teach amateurs and seasoned veterans alike how to create simple yet delicious, sustainable, “green” meals using local organic produce and seasonal cooking techniques.

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