“Michael Ebeling of course offers the proficiency and professionalism one expects.  But they add to the mix an unexpected passion- an untiring commitment to the success of their clients, and a relentless, thoughtful, creative quest for new opportunities.  Elsewhere, clients may at times feel we have to prod our agents to keep working on our behalf.  Here, you have to race to keep up!  That is unexpected, unique- and truly outstanding.”

David L. Katz, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP Director, Prevention Research Center



Michael Ebeling was my CEO and ran my entire company for 7 years. He skillfully positioned and promoted my books and seminars, opening up larger markets for readership and attendance to my programs. He also positioned, packaged and sold my books and products to several U.S. and international publishers.

During his tenure, our sales and profit significantly advanced and our earnings hit record highs.   Michael spearheaded our efforts to take my message and our company to a new level of success and today we stand on higher ground.

I trust that if you are seeking a strong and skilled agent and consultant for you work, you will be well pleased with Michael. My life and work are far better for knowing and sharing the path with him.

Alan H. Cohen Author of 30 Books and a NY Times Bestseller


“As our business consultant, Michael Ebeling profoundly affected the entire future of The Theo Group  and the “Ask Theo Live” radio show. His industry expertise, coupled with a very creative mind helped us to establish a strong foundation from which our work is now poised for international recognition and growth.

He literally took us to the ‘next level’ for which we are very appreciative, and through his efforts we are speaking to our largest audiences ever at events already scheduled for 2010. Above all else, Michael cares. We consider him a very good friend and would highly recommend his services to anybody interested in getting their message out to a larger audience.”

Marcus and Sheila Gillette – Authors of “ The Soul Truth: A Guide To Inner Peace”



Michael Ebeling masterfully guided me through the complicated process of publishing from printing and distribution to publicity and internet marketing.  The online “affiliate” networking they set in place for my book, The World’s Healthiest Foods, was an instrumental piece to its successful launch.  The dedication, skill, and industry intelligence Ebeling & Associates demonstrated throughout our working relationship has been incredible. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking comprehensive publishing consultation.

George Mateljan – Author of “The World’s Healthiest Foods”



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