New thoughts have changed the course of humanity throughout time. Revolutionary thinkers – from Galileo to Rachel Carson, Albert Einstein to Steve Jobs, Helen Keller to Martin Luther King Jr. shaped breakthrough ideas that changed society, changed us individually, and transformed the global human community.

The New Thought Network (NTN) is a unique and powerful member network consisting of TED x Talks, churches, health and retreat centers and business venues who host speaker events which are well attended by a passionate and committed audience. People who attend NTN speaker events are hungry to hear about new thoughts that are transforming lives and our society, and the network is growing bigger every day.

NTN is on the front lines working with leading authors and speakers to spread cutting edge ideas that are creating real change. Our clientele are dedicated to disseminating ideas that move humanity forward, focusing on the body, mind, spirit and business and our member network actively embraces our speakers and their message.

Drawing on over 20 years of experience in the publishing industry, we understand the challenges that face today’s authors. With bookstores and seller opportunities rapidly shrinking, authors need highly targeted, well-attended speaking opportunities, not only to sell books, but also to establish and nurture a one-on-one relationship with their audience. NTN is building a powerful network of outlets through which ideas can be spread as well as the coaching, management and promotional services needed to maximize every expert’s opportunity to reach the audience.

Our clients promote messages that encourage people to find their passions and motivate them to fulfill their dreams. Let us help you further your professional dreams as an author and creator of new ideas, as you communicate your life’s passion to a wider audience.




Coaching –  The New Thought Network assists authors in building their speaking careers by developing a comprehensive strategy including customized speaking tools, branding, website, e-newsletter and social media development, speaking engagements and other platform building techniques.

Management – With 15 years of the management of authors, the New Thought Network works with individuals to shape their author, speaking and media careers. 

Speaking –  We help you to build tools that develop your brand as well as your literary and speaking career.  Our agency can help you make the connections and establish relationships that build your career and set your books up for success. There is no greater marketing tool than connecting directly with your audience.